bruce county council begins 2023 budget process

Bruce County Council begins 2023 budget process

Bruce County Council has begun their 2023 budget process.

At their meeting Thursday, County Council received a pre-budget presentation. It included budget themes, an overview of the County’s current financial position, and considerations for the 2024-2027 forecasted budget.

The 2023 draft budget package will be presented at the Thursday, January 19 Corporate Services Committee Meeting.

Bruce County Council will review the budget, hold a discussion, and direct into February with the potential for budget approval and adoption in February or March.

While Council will receive a 2023-2027 draft budget package, they will only be approving the 2023 budget.

“Bruce County Council is eager to review the 2023 draft budget at the next Corporate Services Committee meeting in January. We are looking for opportunities to meet the needs of our residents, while also encouraging economic recovery and planning for the future,” said Warden Chris Peabody. “We will continue to pursue quality infrastructure upgrades and support-services in Bruce County. I would like to thank our staff for their hard work on building the draft budget.”

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