Letters to the Editor: May 24, 2022

Ford record poor According to a new report from Environmental Defence, Premier Doug Ford’s government has cost our province nearly $10.5 billion in lost revenues, legal fees and compensation for cancelled green energy contracts. The report, Hot Hot Air (And Other Gases): A Review of the PastFour Years of Ontario’s Climate Change (In)Action, focuses on […]

Reader to Reader: May 21, 2022

Steer clear of mowers When I was four years old, I was playing outside when I slipped on the grass and fell underneath a riding lawn mower. I lost my left leg below the knee. I grew up in the War Amps child amputee program (CHAMP), and today, I help pass on the association’s play […]

Letter to the Editor: Teeswater crokinole

It must have been the warm day that kept card & crokinole players from attending the Tuesday afternoon get together at the beautiful Town Hall in Teeswater.  There was a poor showing to say the least.  It was nice and cool inside but the crokinole action was “hot”.  As for the crokinole players that  attended […]

Letters to the Editor: May 12, 2022

Protesters’ use of flag ‘ludicrous’ What is it with these protesters, be it convoys of trucks, tractors, or motorcycles, a march or just a single vehicle? Whether it’s to protest COVID or whatever, they all make a big show by flying as many (and as large) Canadian flags as they can. I would love such […]

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