Letter to the Editor: Teeswater crokinole

It must have been the warm day that kept card & crokinole players from attending the Tuesday afternoon get together at the beautiful Town Hall in Teeswater.  There was a poor showing to say the least.  It was nice and cool inside but the crokinole action was “hot”.  As for the crokinole players that  attended […]

Letter to the Editor: Doing the right thing

I grew up in the sixties when Hippies walked around with peace signs; “Peace, no war”, and I can’t agree more. Some wars however have to be ended by military action in order to liberate those who have become the innocent victims under the oppression of power hungry leaders and dictators. The war in Ukraine […]

Letter to the Editor: Dig deeper, learn more

“How to convince people?” Dave Ireland South Bruce Business Association minutes, to be a willing host for the deep geological nuclear facility (DGR) for all of Canada’s high-level nuclear waste? “We want to ensure that we have healthcare within the community, we want to ensure that there is good services for the folks in our […]

Letter to the Editor: What is transparency?

“Commitment to transparency” ” The NWMO is committed to transparency.” This is what the NWMO states continually. Just what is this transparency? The public transparency seen is all the headlines noted in the newspapers, etc. Pictures and articles about the NWMO working in the community and giving lots of money to community groups/organizations to make […]

OPG​ in Bruce County – Community Update – May 2022

Connecting in person:  It was encouraging to see a strong delegation from the Bruce area at the recent Canadian Nuclear Association 2022 annual conference, a gathering themed “Together for Net Zero.” The municipalities of Kincardine, Saugeen Shores, Huron-Kinloss and Brockton were all represented. So were nuclear companies that operate in the Bruce area, including Ontario Power Generation (OPG), its […]

Letter to the Editor: Mental health week

You may have heard the term psychotherapist before, and did you know that Registered Nurses’ can also be psychotherapists?  Yes, not every nurse starts IV’s, or attends to traumas in the ER.  A lot of people have pretty specific ideas about what nurses do, but I’m here to tell you about a whole different role […]

Brain injury and how it changed my life forever.

Shortly after my 17th birthday I was in accident that caused me to suffer a catastrophic brain injury and changes that have and will effect the rest of my life. I somehow was thrown or fell out of the bed of a truck traveling down the highway at highway speeds. Unfortunately I was developing some […]

Crokinole results

March 19 What a better way to spend a cloudy and rainy Saturday,  but to play crokinole. Six tables of players gathered at the Chesley Fire Hall for a 1:00 p.m. start.  Clare welcomed a first time player Dan Hepburn and the play began.  After ten games  Peter Carter topped the men with 61  points, […]

Letter to the Editor: How NWMO targets communities

When NWMO announced that they had bought land outside Teeswater, the rumours soon started “there must be money involved or are people being paid to promote this nuclear waste repository at all cost?” Freedom of Information documents from when NWMO targeted Pinehouse, from 2010-2013, gives insight into how “trusted” people in that community were (targeted) […]

Letter to the Editor: Sincerest apologies

This statement is in reference to the allegations stemming from the MOK Council Meeting on April 4 2022. I sincerely apologize to the entire community and to all impacted by my actions. It was not my intention to offend or discriminate. I was frustrated with myself for personal reasons when I openly commented to myself. […]

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