crime stoppers hoping to bring in new members

Crime Stoppers hoping to bring in new members

January is Crime Stoppers Month, and local chapters of the anonymous crime tips organization are using the month to let the public know about their work and hopefully recruit new members.

Peter Reid, Chair of the Grey-Bruce Crime Stoppers, says the core purpose of Crime Stoppers is to receive tips that can ultimately help solve a variety of crimes.

“You can call us or submit a tip through our website, or there’s even a smartphone app called the P3 app where you can give us the tip. You remain completely anonymous. We don’t know who you are, we don’t collect any identifying information,” Reid explained.

Reid says from there, Crime Stoppers passes the tip off the the necessary authorities. He says the work they do is to help give tips to local authorities that ultimately help solve many crimes.

“There’s crime issues of varying levels, there’s drug issues, there’s theft, there’s many things going on. This is a way for people to make a difference without getting directly involved or needing to testify or anything like that,” noted Reid.

Despite some perceptions or misconceptions, Crime Stoppers isn’t the police, they’re actually a non-profit that relies on fundraising.

“We have a few municipalities that generously help us out. We run a golf tournament each year that’s very successful for us. We did car shows and car tours over the past couple of years during COVID when we had to get a little bit creative with our fundraising,” Reid said.

Reid says if you are interested in donating or potentially becoming a member, you can call the Grey-Bruce Crime Stoppers at 519-371-6078, or visit He adds if you want in on the popular annual golf tournament, contact them early as it fills up fast.

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