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Saturday night’s tornado warnings prompt investigations Sunday

Despite conditions which favoured tornadoes along parts of the Lake Huron shoreline Saturday night, Environment and Climate Change Canada had no confirmed reports of any by Sunday afternoon. However, Northern Tornadoes Project investigators were to visit the Bayfield, Ont. area of Huron County Sunday, then go to the Thornbury area in eastern Grey County to […]

Thousand Island Dressing Mystery: Uncertain origins of one of America’s favorite sauces

What do you get when you mix mayonnaise, a vaudeville star, two swanky hotels and a fisherman’s wife?

If you guessed Thousand Island dressing and an age-old mystery, you’d be correct. 

Today, Thousand Island dressing is bottled and sold in grocery stores nationwide. You may even find a simplified version of the dressing (mayonnaise, ketchup or tomato puree, and pickle relish) at your favorite burger spot, masquerading as their “special” or “secret” sauce.

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See the Sturgeon: The many ways to see, touch and appreciate sturgeon around the region

When the Milwaukee River Lake Sturgeon Reintroduction Project began 16 years ago, success wasn’t immediately apparent.

Having a solid scientific foundation for the project wasn’t the problem: sturgeon were raised in the Milwaukee River so they would return there to spawn when the time came. The problem was that lake sturgeon don’t return to a river to spawn for around 15 years.

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