NTP measures Sauble waterspout as EF0 Tornado

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An investigation into a landfalling waterspout observed at Sauble Beach has been completed.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, August 31, several witnesses captured video and photos of a tornado that developed over Lake Huron.

The Northern Tornadoes Project conducted a study on September 1 that included ground survey work and observations from a drone.

Damage to trees, houses, and docks was observed, but no injuries were reported.

NTP says this was an EF0 tornado, with an estimated maximum wind speed of 125 km/h, a track length of five kilometres, and a path width of approximately 120 metres.

The landfall track began right across from the Sauble River Boat Launch before continuing west, passing over Sauble Falls Road and the Sauble Falls Parkway before dispersing entirely near the intersection of Spring Creek Road and Sideroad 10, north of the village of Tolmie.

The Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) is a partnership between Impact WX and Western University, and works to understand and identify tornados across the country

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