pc connects to offer free rides for a week
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PC Connects to offer free rides for a week

To celebrate the start of summer, the Perth County Connects Transit Service will offer free rides for a week in July.

In a release, Perth County says people can enjoy the PC Connects Transit Service for free from July 4th through the 9th. Anyone can ride PC Connect anytime, to anywhere along the 5 routes for free during that week. Although not required, riders are encouraged to secure their seat in advance through the new Blaise Transit App, new webpage http://ride.blaisetransit.com or by calling 1-888-465-0783. PC Connect is funded by the Government of Ontario’s Community Transportation Grant Program. Since launch, the service has had over 6,000 riders aboard its fleet of 5 buses.

For route maps, schedules and more information about PC Connect, please visit: www.perthcounty.ca/pcconnect

“We are so excited to be offering FREE rides for an entire week to help kick off summer, and explore some of the great summer adventures that our County and surrounding areas have to offer.” says Maggie Martin, Transit Project Coordinator. “From local shops, cafés and restaurants, to trails, public parks and pools, you can plan the perfect day trip with PC Connect without having to worry about the cost of transportation!”

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