Discussions about combining two minor hockey programs in Grey County are underway.
West Grey Minor Hockey President Jeremy White confirms discussions with Hanover Minor Hockey have been held regarding an amalgamation between the two community hockey programs.

According to a media release, an “amalgamation committee” featuring members of both organizations has held discussions and “needs to move forward with sharing our proposal with our organization members and conducting a vote.”

White says “All our kids, for the most part, go to the same high school, live in the same county, and we surround all of Hanover geographically, so the best choice is to go to Hanover.”

The release says amalgamation would lead to a more connected hockey community that will “be focused on opportunities for all players, aiming to focus on team building, sharing passion for the game, and creating a sense of belonging for everyone.”

In order for amalgamation to move forward, both minor hockey associations would need a majority vote of 66% or greater from their respective members to proceed. White confirms that membership will only consist of those with players registered for the 2022-23 Minor Hockey season, with “one vote per household.”

An information session is being planned for early June for those that want to learn more.
A vote on amalgamation is expected to be held sometime later this summer, with the aim of amalgamation being completed to begin the 2023-24 season.

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