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Alternate plan put forward for Cedar Crescent Village

Saugeen Shores Council has approved an alternate plan and design concept for Cedar Crescent Village to put the project back in motion.

“We’ve had an exciting plan in place for a long time to revitalize our waterfront. I’m thrilled that after a long delay, it is starting to move forward again,” said Luke Charbonneau, Mayor of the Town of Saugeen Shores. “This development will boost our local economy, be a draw for visitors and residents and improve the overall quality of life in Saugeen Shores.”

Based on the approval, the commercial buildings, market, and program spaces will be located away from the waterfront. The new location allows the development process to continue in a way that connects people with the waterfront while conforming to the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority’s regulations.

“It means we no longer need to have the uncertainty of when the SVCA regulatory approval process will end. We can now move forward toward issuing building permits and getting the projects under construction,” added Charbonneau.

Next steps for Cedar Crescent Village will be for Town staff to continue to work with the developer to advance the final project plans and return to Council with the details. The developer will then move forward with permit applications from the Town to start construction.

The plans for the Village include a restaurant, commercial retail spaces including an ice cream store, market space, activity spaces and washrooms, to be located at the harbour at the Port Elgin Main Beach.

Charbonneau says they’re looking at a construction timeline of approximately 18 months, meaning the Cedar Crescent Village  could be open by early 2023.

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