Letter to the Editor: Teeswater crokinole

It must have been the warm day that kept card & crokinole players from attending the Tuesday afternoon get together at the beautiful Town Hall in Teeswater.  There was a poor showing to say the least.  It was nice and cool inside but the crokinole action was “hot”.  As for the crokinole players that  attended […]

Letter to the Editor: Dig deeper, learn more

“How to convince people?” Dave Ireland South Bruce Business Association minutes, to be a willing host for the deep geological nuclear facility (DGR) for all of Canada’s high-level nuclear waste? “We want to ensure that we have healthcare within the community, we want to ensure that there is good services for the folks in our […]

Letter to the Editor: What is transparency?

“Commitment to transparency” ” The NWMO is committed to transparency.” This is what the NWMO states continually. Just what is this transparency? The public transparency seen is all the headlines noted in the newspapers, etc. Pictures and articles about the NWMO working in the community and giving lots of money to community groups/organizations to make […]

Crokinole results

March 19 What a better way to spend a cloudy and rainy Saturday,  but to play crokinole. Six tables of players gathered at the Chesley Fire Hall for a 1:00 p.m. start.  Clare welcomed a first time player Dan Hepburn and the play began.  After ten games  Peter Carter topped the men with 61  points, […]

Letter to the Editor: How NWMO targets communities

When NWMO announced that they had bought land outside Teeswater, the rumours soon started “there must be money involved or are people being paid to promote this nuclear waste repository at all cost?” Freedom of Information documents from when NWMO targeted Pinehouse, from 2010-2013, gives insight into how “trusted” people in that community were (targeted) […]

Letter to the Editor: Sincerest apologies

This statement is in reference to the allegations stemming from the MOK Council Meeting on April 4 2022. I sincerely apologize to the entire community and to all impacted by my actions. It was not my intention to offend or discriminate. I was frustrated with myself for personal reasons when I openly commented to myself. […]

Borehole tours in South Bruce source of inspiration

Recently, the NWMO partnered with the Municipality of South Bruce to host a group of young adults interested in Canada’s plan for the long-term management of used nuclear fuel. The group was able to tour the borehole sites and ask detailed questions of one of the NWMO scientists who specializes in the safety case for […]

Letter to the Editor: The time to Ukraine is NOW

Dear Editor The last couple of Sunday’s money was collected by Peter & Jo-Ann Carter for Ukraine from Sacred Heart Teeswater Parishioners.  We successfully raised $412 from those who wish to give plus one pledge from Walkerton and two from Hanover one of which was our 14 year old grandson who gave us $10 after […]

Letter to the Editor: Manufactured “willingness”

In February we took part in the Agriculture “Impact” Study. Very quickly we discovered the real purpose of the study wasn’t about our concerns over how this would negatively affect agriculture, but rather a push for us to suggest what variety of carrots the NWMO can offer us. The repeated requests that we provide answers […]

Letter to the Editor: Welcome to South Bruce

Welcome to the Municipality of South Bruce, a community working under the authorization of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO). Is this the future for South Bruce? Did you know that the NWMO “near term Investment” in South Bruce, is paying for an expansion of the wastewater treatment plant, purchasing a compactor for the two […]

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