blyth festival forced to cancel play
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Blyth Festival forced to cancel play

COVID-19 has forced the cancellation of the third play of the Blyth Festival’s season.

The Waltz was scheduled to open on August 11th, but Director of Audience Development, Jen Lamb, says COVID has prevented them from having any rehearsals and so the decision was made to cancel the play.

Lamb explains they normally have a rehearsal process before they start their first preview.

“So, normally we have a three-week rehearsal process before we start our first preview and two weeks into what would have been the rehearsal, we still hadn’t been able to gather the cast or the creative team because of people having COVID-19,” explained Lamb.

Lamb says they’re now working on contacting everyone who has a ticket for the play. Lamb says they will be in touch with all of the ticket-buyers.

Some of the options for ticket holders include a refund, donating that ticket to the Festival, a combination of both or keeping the ticket on their account for next year.

Lamb says there’s lots of options and she suggests anyone who has some concerns or is going to be away can call the Festival at 1-877-862-5984.

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