saturday is 211 day in ontario

Saturday is 211 day in Ontario

Saturday, February 11 is 211 Day in Ontario.

The free has been providing help to people who need it for 15 years, but United Way Perth-Huron Director of Resource Development and Communications Susan Faber says it tends to fly under the radar until someone needs it.

Faber says the help line is accessed by simply dialling 211.

“A live person answers the phone. They’re our 211 Navigator and they can listen to what your problem or your challenge is and connect you with different services and programs in your area,” said Faber.

Faber says whether a person is new to an area and doesn’t know where to find a specific service or they’ve lived in a community for a while, but never had to use that service before, 211 can direct them to the help they need before they reach a crisis point. Those services range from supports for individuals struggling with mental health or substance use, to people looking for in-home support for aging parents or food-related needs.

“Situations are changing quite quickly and different things arise as your family goes through different things, so even if it’s some help for children or a different challenge that comes up medically that you need a support group for, 211 should be able to link you up to those programs and services,” she added.

Faber also points out the service is available every day of the year and in 150 different languages. The service can also be reached on line at

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