thousands of jobs will be available in the next decade
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Thousands of jobs will be available in the next decade

The Executive Director of Economic Development for the Western Warden’s Cause says it’s going to take some time to fill all of the jobs that are available in Southwestern Ontario.

Kate Burns Gallagher told Huron County councilors this week the need is only going to grow over the next few years.

“Looking at replacement and growth demand of just shy of 214,000 people and then our total employment is expected to grow by 51,000 as well,” said Burns Gallagher.

“We spoke to over 500 people in the region through virtual round-tables and we had several colleges from the region speak as well and they talked about the time it takes to build curriculum and the delays and then they’re behind the eight ball already to build the curriculum to match those of the employers.”

And with technology constantly changing, the industry seems to be able adjust more quickly than the colleges.

She says the colleges are anxious to improve the equipment they have, but funding is a challenge.

The one advantage the Western Warden’s Caucus has is it can go to the Federal and Provincial governments as one voice representing the region and lobby for funding.
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