Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

Turtle love: 10,000 hatchlings to be released in London area

Thousands of tiny baby turtles are getting a shot at life in the wild, thanks to a program operated through the London-area conservation authority. About 10,000 hatchlings, including 6,000 spiny softshell turtles, will be released this year into the area drained by the Thames River through the conservation efforts of the Southern Ontario at Risk […]

Teen drowns at conservation area north of London

A 15-year-old girl drowned last weekend at Wildwood Conservation Area, Stratford police said Wednesday. Police, bystanders, park staff, firefighters and paramedics performed CPR on the girl, who was taken to St. Marys’ hospital. The incident happened on Saturday, though police added no further information would be provided out of the respect and privacy for the […]

Western volunteers use unique method to restore Medway Creek bank

Western University and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority kicked off the spring tree-planting season on Tuesday with a new project to reduce flooding along Medway Creek. Western students, faculty members and conservation authority officials planted 100 native trees and 200 native shrubs along the bank of the creek near the university campus. The project, […]

PHOTOS: Where the wild things are (nurtured)

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority opened its doors Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022, to the lab where staff carefully tend turtles and snakes that are native to the Thames River watershed and threatened by loss of habitat, predators and vehicles on roads. Staff incubate eggs and release the young snakes and turtles, including the Spiny […]

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