Ukrainian woman helping others get out while she waits to come here

A Ukrainian family of six displaced by war should be safe and settled in a Flesherton-area home in early May. Dr. Susanne von Toerne and her husband, Heiner Philipp, are bringing over Alina Sirenko, her husband John Fancon, their children Rebecca, 2, and Kassiia, 6, and Alina’s sister, Yana Sirenko, and brother, Danyil Sirenko. Von […]

London readies to welcome Ukraine refugees – but many refuse to flee

Volodymyr Starodub is ready to welcome his Ukrainian parents and in-laws to Canada, but his elderly kin aren’t ready to leave. London families with relatives in the eastern European nation are grappling with the stay-or-go dilemma nearly three weeks into Russia’s war on Ukraine, with some choosing to stay put as the federal government fast-tracks […]

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