Highway 402

Rural ratepayers off hook for extra Highway 402 protest policing: OPP

Rural municipalities near the now-dismantled Highway 402 blockade west of London won’t be on the hook for extra police response to the anti-restriction protest, provincial police say. Though Warwick Township, where the protest took place, and neighbouring municipalities have a policing contract with the OPP, the enforcement cost of the anti-restriction demonstration won’t be passed […]

Local taxpayers will pay police bill rung up due to Hwy. 402 blockade

Local taxpayers in the communities around the section of Highway 402 blocked for days by protesters will pay for the extra police costs incurred during the six-day shutdown, officials say. Warwick Township, population 3,600, is located where the 402 was blocked by about 20 farm vehicles until Monday. At a council meeting, politicians were told […]

Protesters withdraw from Hwy. 402 blockade as enforcement powers mount

Protesters who had blocked part of the highway between London and Sarnia pulled out Monday and the road has reopened, as the federal government joined Ontario in taking on emergency powers to deal with border and other disruptions caused by opponents of COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other pandemic restrictions. The six-day blockade of a stretch […]

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