Change ‘can be a good thing’ Southgate’s new mayor says

Brian Milne will move up to the mayor’s chair in Southgate Township in the coming council term with determination to manage the community’s “supercharged” growth. Milne, currently deputy-mayor, said the pandemic was the supercharger that accelerated new home construction in Dundalk, which has strained local abilities to keep up. “Everybody’s scared of change and that’s […]

‘It’s great to be back,’ woman at Owen Sound Ribfest said Saturday

Hot and dusty weather greeted all who came out to eat barbecue at Owen Sound Ribfest Saturday afternoon behind the Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Centre. The blast of late summer weather paired well with the sweet-smelling smoky ribs, chicken and sausage which four team grills were cooking, and lines were long at times. The grill teams […]

City hall briefs: Pandemic recovery projects, short-term rental tax

Another $1.5 million will be granted to local organizations from city council’s COVID-19 recovery fund. Council, sitting as a committee, supported six new projects, including a green stimulus fund, two TechAlliance pitches to engage local entrepreneurs and attract new tech workers, and giving the Central Library’s reading garden access from Dundas Place. The $10-million pandemic […]

Pandemic challenged mental health but may have eased stigma

Desiree van Dijk was among dozens of cyclists who raised more than $40,000 for community-funded mental health programs Sunday. The 9th annual Ride Don’t Hide event was the community’s biggest chance to support heavily used mental health programs which aren’t funded by the government. Van Dijk waited at a balloon archway at Kelso Beach Park […]

Baranyai: More ‘business comfort,’ less cringy language

I’ve never been one to follow fashion. For people who keep up with trends, however, the pandemic seemed sure to deliver at least one can’t-miss fashion prediction: business attire would get a lot more relaxed. Already last year, trend-watchers were heralding a transition from business casual to “business comfort.” Athleisure brands moved in on dressier […]

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