Five charged after police raid Hells Angels clubhouse, other locations

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A man with alleged links to the Hells Angels was one of five people arrested after provincial police raided the biker gang’s clubhouse during a series of searches in Southwestern Ontario.

The OPP’s biker enforcement unit searched four locations in Kitchener – two homes and two unlicensed bars, one of them the Hells Angels clubhouse – between May 11 and 21, police said Wednesday.

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Officers from several OPP-led units, including the organized crime bureaus in London and Windsor, assisted in the searches that led to seizure of a handgun, a kilogram of suspected cocaine, alcohol and electronic devices.

Four men from Kitchener and one from Cambridge, ages 28, 37, 39, 44 and 46, face charges including drug trafficking and gun-related charges. Three of the accused face additional charges under the Liquor Licence and Control Act.

One of the accused is alleged to have hang-around status in the Hells Angels and the other four are associates, police said.

Hang-around status is the second of three steps to becoming a full-patch member of the Hells Angels. Anyone aspiring to join the world’s largest outlaw motorcycle club must know a member for five years before they can go to the clubhouse as a friend.

Next, they’ll be granted hang-around status before being considered a prospect, the last step before become a full-patch member, a title that requires a vote from the entire membership in the province.

The Hells Angels have more than two dozen support clubs in Canada, including the Gatekeepers, Red Devils and One Order in Southwestern Ontario.

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