redesign needed to get saugeen shores aquatic centre on budget
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Redesign needed to get Saugeen Shores aquatic centre on-budget

Saugeen Shores Aquatic and Wellness Centre has undergone changes to the original design to help get the $50-million project on-budget.

Council was filled in on the changes at the May 23 meeting by staff and members of the design team.

Kristan Shrider, Director of Community Services and Operations says the cost estimates changed after the town hired a construction company in January.

“We brought on the construction manager firm Ball Construction, and part of their responsibilities was to provide us with a class cost estimate (totaling $60,609,595),” explained Shriner. “It did come in higher, about $10 million higher, so currently we’ve been working with our design team, including Ball Construction, in order to bring the project to within the budget which was approved by council. There has been some sacrifice that has been made but I believe that those options that we’ve considered have not impacted the overall experience of the building that it will bring to the community.”

Design changes include reducing the walking track from four to three lanes, eliminating basement storage below the pool, altering the roof structure and slope, and decreasing the building’s overall size. There will also be a reduction in the renovations to the existing municipal hall at the Plex.

Councillor John Divinski says the changes are needed, but disappointing.

“We talked about the council chambers not moving ahead at this time or being low down on the scale and I suppose that’s necessary, we have to think of the people first,” Divinski said. “But still, council renovations is part of thinking of the people. We haven’t had people in here, really for… it will be two years this November. I think we have to do something to renovate the council chambers so we can get the people back in here on council days.”

The changes also mean slight alterations to the project schedule. It’s now projected to break ground in August, with completion slated for early 2025.

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