svca closes varney pond for public safety

SVCA closes Varney Pond for public safety

The Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA) has announced the closure of the Varney Conservation Area Swimming Pond in West Grey until further notice.

This decision, made in the interest of public safety and environmental protection, comes after a comprehensive review of the pond’s safety and functionality, as well as the health of the tributary of Camp Creek that historically fed the swimming pond.

Recognizing the historical significance and emotional attachment many have to this location, SVCA understands the impact of this closure on the community. However, the primary responsibility of the conservation authority is to ensure the safety and well-being of the public visiting their properties.

“We understand that this swimming pond has been a beloved part of our community, serving as a place of joy and recreation for generations,” said SVCA General Manager Jennifer Stephens. “The decision to close the pond was not made lightly. SVCA has decided to prioritize public safety and environmental protection.”

The decision to close the swimming pond reflects a proactive approach to minimize potential risks associated with water bodies. While the pond has provided joy and recreation for generations, SVCA says it is important to continually reassess safety measures.

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