north perth to conduct council composition and ward boundaries review

North Perth to conduct Council Composition and Ward Boundaries Review

North Perth is conducting a Council Composition and Ward Boundaries Review.

Lindsay Cline, Clerk and Legislative Services Supervisor, says the purpose is to examine possible changes to the structure of council and the boundaries of the 3 North Perth wards, which haven’t been reviewed since amalgamation.

“To make sure that we have an effective and equitable system of representation. We’re looking at things like population, geography, things like that just to make sure we do have that effective system of representation. Any potential changes made would take place for the 2026 municipal election,” Cline explained.

Cline says there will be public consultations, starting with a website called There will also be more.

“We’ll be having some public information sessions. The first will be a virtual session on Wednesday, May 31 at 7 p.m. We’ll also be having two in-person public information sessions on Wednesday, June 7. The first will be at 2 p.m. and the second at 7 p.m. Both will be at the municipal office in Listowel,” added Cline.

The project is being done in two phases, and the municipality has retained the services of Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. in association with Dr. Robert J. Williams.

“We’re hoping to take some recommendations to council regarding the composition piece in July, and then following that we’ll be doing some more public engagement on the ward boundary side of things, with some final recommendations going to council in November of this year,” Cline concluded.

The Municipality of North Perth has a Mayor and Deputy Mayor that are elected at-large and there are 8 Councillors elected in three separate wards. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and one of the 8 local councillors (appointed by Council) also sit on the Perth County Council.

Opportunities for residents to learn about the review and to contribute their views will be provided at and

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