County looking for more feedback on strategic plan

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Bruce County is in the final phase of public feedback regarding its new corporate strategic plan.

The county says on its website that thanks to the initial rounds of public engagement, many ideas have been shared and key themes have been identified.

Now, the last round of engagement seeks public feedback on the draft vision, strategic priorities, goals, and objectives. The online Bruce County 2023-2026 Strategic Plan Public Feedback Survey is open until Wednesday, May 31. This opportunity to provide additional input can take as little as a few minutes to complete.

Discover more about the 2023-2026 strategic planning project at

For more information on Bruce County’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan, please contact Corporate Strategic Initiatives Specialist Matthew Meade at

“The input of residents, businesses, and visitors receiving services from Bruce County has been so valuable to our strategic planning process,” stated Warden Chris Peabody. “Council and Staff are eager to hear additional feedback from you as we finalize our new Strategic Plan for this term of Council.”

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