new water meters being installed for municipal customers and businesses scaled

New water meters being installed for municipal customers and businesses

North Perth has begun the process of upgrading aging water meters throughout the municipality.

Manager of Environmental Services, Mark Hackett, says the new meters will bring new technology to benefit customers.

“We’re adding in a new aspect which is called Advanced Metering Infrastructure, which will allow us to get near real-time data off of these meters, which will allow the customer to have some insight into their water usage through an online portal. It would also give them the opportunity to set up alerts, so if there was any continuous water usage through a leak or something like that, they would get notified,” Hackett explained.

Hackett says the new meters are being installed at no cost in partnership with Neptune Technology Group. Customers and businesses getting replacement meters will receive a pamphlet when their phase of the replacement project is coming up, and will book a time through an easy booking system for a technician to come by.

Within the pamphlet or on the envelope, is a unique reference number. This is used for booking appointments online at or by calling the Neptune call centre at 1-800-667-4387. The municipality notes that not all water meters are being replaced, and you only need to book an appointment if you receive a pamphlet.

In terms of the project and its timeline, Hackett says it is already underway, and the technology really will be a useful asset to everyone.

“The majority of what’s happening is just a simple meter swap out, and the new meters will have their registered radio transmitter on the outside of the home or business, which will allow us to be able to pick up those meter readings through a transmitter on top of the water towers in Listowel and Atwood. That will service the entire area to be able to get that almost instantaneous readings,” added Hackett. “Instead of just getting those meter readings done once every other month, we can get them as needed, and that’s a big change for us and it will allow us to serve the public better, and also, like I said, prevent those high water bills that might happen if there’s a leak.”

The installation by Neptune Technology Group technicians can take between a half hour to 90 minutes.

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