Survey allows residents to provide input into Perth County Strategic Plan Update

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Perth County is in the process of refreshing their Strategic Plan. Communications Officer Sarah Franklin said at this point they’re look for as much public input as they can get. She says they’re looking for input about what residents of the county want to see from county services as well as their vision of the future of Perth County.

“This also allows us to incorporate some of their goals and objectives into the work that we do. So we take the input and we work alongside our management team as well as council to update and refresh the goals from our previous strategic plan,” she explained.

Franklin says the plan will include their lower-tier municipalities of North Perth, Perth East, West Perth, and Perth South and they also have some shared services with the city of Stratford and the town of St. Marys. So some of those services overlap the municipal boundaries.

Franklin says they’re asking people to fill out a survey that will only take a few minutes.

“In the survey when people visit our website they can click on our main banner image and they’ll be driven directly to the survey page where we talk a little bit about the county services. So things like planning, archives, roads and bridges, emergency management,” said Franklin.

Franklin adds they hope the survey will help them understand how people are accessing some of the services and what improvements they would like to see.

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