bruce county approves 2023 budget in principle

Bruce County approves 2023 budget in principle

Bruce County council has approved the 2023-2027 Capital and Operating Budget in principle, with a net levy increase of 7.91%.

The County is making key investments in Paramedic Services, Long Term Care, Infrastructure, and Housing Facilities. The county will also work on building reserves, attracting and retaining a skilled workforce. Inflationary pressures, asset management and the eventual elimination of the annual infrastructure deficit were some of the issues councilors considered as they approved just the 2023 portion of the budget

In all, capital expenditures from levy approved for 2023 come in at $12.1M of a total capital expenditures of $20.7 million. Operating expenditures from levy are set at $50.1M of a total operating expenditures of $127.6M.

“Infrastructure upgrades and support services are key priorities for Bruce County and are strongly reflected in this budget,” said Warden Chris Peabody. “We have moved the 2023 budget to remain in close alignment with inflation while continuing to support economic recovery and build up our reserves to fund future projects. I would like to thank County staff for their hard work and prudent planning on a budget that moves us forward on a fiscally responsible path.”

Approval of the budget by-law expected in March, while number forecasts for 2024-2027 could see changes in future budget discussions. This year’s budget focuses on strengthening the foundation of core services as they move toward fiscal sustainability.

2023 spending highlights:

-Paramedic Services Vehicles $0.8M
-Paramedic Station (Port Elgin) $10.0M ongoing from 2022
-Long Term Care Operations $1.7M additional funds
-Long Term Care Modernization of Connectivity $0.2M
-Paisley Bridge Replacement $10.0M ongoing from 2022-
-Other Bridge and Culvert Repairs/Replacement $1.0M
-Road Repairs and Replacements $4.6M
-Housing Facilities Repairs and Replacements $2.8M

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