council gives staff options for work week structures scaled

Council gives staff options for work week structures

Goderich councillors have approved a few options for staffing looking for more flexibility in their work week.

Mayor Myles Murdock says times have changed and staff retention can be a challenge, and he says one way of meeting that challenge is providing some flexibility in the work week. Murdock says council has come up with four options.

“The first option is a compressed work schedule where you would work four days at ten hours a day to get your forty hours in. And then the other option would be over a two-week period doing a nine out of ten days, so you work nine days and you get the tenth day off,” Murdock explained.

Murdock says the third option is flex time.

“Flex time simply means that you can start earlier in the day and finish earlier in the day or you start at the same time, take a half an hour for lunch instead of a full hour and quit a half an hour earlier. And the last one is a hybrid, you get to work from home one day per week,” added Murdock.

But Murdock says that day has to be either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, so it doesn’t become a long weekend.

Murdock points out not all jobs lend themselves to all of the four options, so the employee and the manager will discuss which option might work best for a particular employee, and whether their work can be done in the time frame chosen by the employee.

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