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Local government officials elected to Wardens Caucus

Huron County is well represented on the new board of the Western Ontario Wardens Caucus.

Huron County Warden Glen McNeil has been acclaimed as the new Chair of the Caucus. Past Huron County Warden, Jim Ginn, has been acclaimed as Chair for the Economic Development Committee. Both McNeil and Ginn have been active members of the Western Ontario Wardens Caucus for several years, and they will hold these positions until January 2025. Also, Huron County CAO Meigham Wark was elected as Secretary.

McNeil says he’s honoured to represent Huron County at the Western Ontario Wardens Caucus, and to represent the 1.5 million people that make up the fifteen counties in the Caucus.

“So that does not take into account the urban centres, that is the rural population and it stretches from Georgian Bay down the 400 to Toronto down into the Niagaras and to Lake Erie and down to Essex County at Windsor,” McNeil explained.

So, McNeil says, when they speak to the Provincial ministers they do listen and when they’re joined by the members of the Eastern Ontario Warden’s Caucus, they do carry some weight.

Past Warden Jim Ginn says as Chair of the Economic Development Committee, he’ll be looking at concerns about things like work force planning.

“Work force planning, we’re short of employees everywhere so this is a regional issue, not just a Huron County issue. Infrastructure investment, transportation, rail lines, highways and then there’s the different sectors, agricultural or manufacturing, supply chains, those are all issues that we’re having right now,” Ginn said.

Also, Ginn will look at issues around marketing and promotion.

McNeil adds they’ll be making a presentation to some of the provincial ministers at this year’s ROMA Conference in Toronto that gets underway this weekend (January 20-22).

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