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Another local company becomes certified Living Wage employer

Fortress Fencing in Blyth is the latest Huron County business to certify as a living wage employer.

United Way Perth Huron Executive Director Ryan Erb said, when people are being paid a living wage, it means they can afford to pay for their basic living expenses. He added, unfortunately, 57 percent of people in Huron and Perth who are working are not being paid a living wage.

“What we’re seeing is lineups at food banks, we’re seeing lineups at just about every social agency, more people, unfortunately living unsheltered in our communities and so when we can begin to move jobs towards living wages it is just an incredible support for those that are, perhaps, on the edge,” Erb shared.

Erb said the number of certified living wage employers has been growing for several years, and he pointed out what many of those employers have found is that when they commit to a living wage, typically, they improve their bottom line, and it can be better for business.

“So why that is the case is because, in some cases, employers will find that they can recruit and retain employees better. If you have lots of turnover, it costs a lot. Now we’re in a tight labour market. It doesn’t work maybe as well as it would always but certainly paying a living wage makes a difference in terms of retaining employees,” explained Erb.

Fortress Fencing co-owners Dylan and Mary-Ann Van Den Assem said a living wage benefits the entire community because a person’s money tends to be spent in their community.

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