trudeau claims he and premiers are on the same page regarding health care

Trudeau claims he and premiers are ‘on the same page’ regarding health care

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said understands the health care system is in need of more money.

Trudeau made the comment Monday, when he was asked Monday about Ontario’s confirmation that the expansion of publicly funded medical procedures at private clinics will be permanent.

Trudeau said one of the primary responsibilities of the federal government is to ensure that the Canada Health Act is always respected. He added his government will continue to monitor that across the country as provinces respond in different ways to delivering improved health care services.

“We know how important it is to continue to invest in our health care systems, and I have had some great conversation’s with a number of premiers including Premier Ford,” said Trudeau. “We’re all very much on the same page. There is a need for more money. There is a need for delivery of results for families. Whether we’re talking about more access to primary care doctors and teams, whether it’s quicker access to mental health supports, whether it’s reducing the surgery backlog, there are lots of things that were working on with the provinces.”

Trudeau said he looks forward to being able to announce some new positive steps in the very near future.

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