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Nuclear Innovation Institute hoping to educate at Hockey Day in Canada

The Nuclear Innovation Institute will be hosting an educational and interactive display at Hockey Day in Canada in Owen Sound.

Hockey Day in Canada will be hosted on Saturday, January 21 from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. at Harrison Park in Owen Sound. Fans that attend will find the NII’s team there with a ball pit. Participants will jump into the pit with 6,000 balls, representing cells in the human body. Those who jump in will wear a vest that represents the medical isotope Lutetium-177, then try to find and eliminate as many dangerous “cancer cells” as possible in the pit.

Locally, Bruce Power creates Lutetium-177 and other isotopes used for everything from diagnosing and treating cancer to sterilizing medical devices and equipment, sending these lifesaving materials worldwide.

“We’re excited for people to learn more about the cancer-fighting medical isotopes that Bruce Power and its partners produce right here in Bruce County,” said John Peevers, Bruce Power’s Director of Community & Media Relations, & Economic Development. “The Nuclear Innovation Institute has created a fun and interactive method of teaching people about the innovative way Bruce Power produces Lutetium-177 through our first-of-a-kind Isotope Production System.”

“The ball pit is an engaging way to visualize the complex concept of medical isotopes, while also showcasing the lifesaving contributions NII’s Founding Members are making to the fight against cancer,” added Bruce Wallace, NII President and CEO. “We’re pleased to bring these big ideas and learning opportunities to Hockey Day in Canada.”

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