webinar tackles mental health and farming scaled

Webinar tackles mental health and farming

This month’s webinar presented by the Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health takes place at 12 p.m. Tuesday.

Gateway Research Assistant and lead for the SHED or Sustaining Health Farm Through Empowerment and Dedication lecture series, Becky Higgs  explained it will touch on mental health for farmers.

“We’ve just actually had a SHED talk launch and some of the feedback that we did receive was that the farmers wanted to hear topics regarding stress and stress management as well and some farm succession talks and farm safety and really trying to focus on that balance between work and life as well,” said Higgs. “So we are trying to focus on activities and programming that will in turn support their mental health and well being. But essentially our goal here is to really appreciate our farmers and support our farmers in creating that agricultural community and that farmer to farmer connection as well.”

The webinars run on the first Tuesday of each month. The panel will include Psychotherapist Lauren Van Ewyk, retired Dairy Farmer Tom Melady, and Dianne Bergsma, the Founder of Three Oaks. Anyone can tune into the webinar by going to the Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health website and looking under the heading lecture series.

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