west region opp ride programs resulted in 278 impaired charges

West Region OPP RIDE programs resulted in 278 impaired charges

West Region OPP had more Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere (RIDE) check points over the holiday season, and saw about the same number of impaired driving charges as 2021.

The OPP conducted 1,904 RIDE checkpoints during 2022’s Festive RiDE campaign, up from 1,243 last year.

There were 278 impaired driving charges laid during this year’s campaign, down slightly from 280 last year.

South Bruce and Huron OPP detachments had the fewest number of impaired drivers caught at a RIDE check, while Middlesex and Oxford OPP tied for having the most.

There were four impaired charges in South Bruce, and seven in Huron. Middlesex and Oxford had 43 charges each.

In West Region, 49 motorists faced warn-range suspensions, down from 55 last year.

“The OPP encourages drivers to make the smart, safe choice: if you plan to drink or take drugs ALWAYS take a taxi, contact a rideshare service or use a designated driver. Impaired driving poses a major safety risk to all drivers,” said Acting Inspector and West Region Traffic and Marine Manager Ross Stuart.

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