local hospice asking for donations to support loss and grief support program

Local hospice asking for donations to support Loss and Grief Support Program

The Huron Hospice is asking for the public’s help with a holiday fundraiser.

The fundraiser this year is called Wings of a Dove, and the goal is to fundraise money to go toward the hospice’s Loss and Grief Support Program. That program is offered at no cost to families, with programming going toward supporting grieving family members dealing with the loss or coming loss of a loved one in hospice care, or other forms or situations of grief. Huron Hospice already has some support, as Merner Contracting and an anonymous donor are going to match all donations to the Wings of a Dove program up to $15,000.

Anyone interested in donating to fund the Loss and Grief Support Program at Huron Hospice can to http://www.huronhospice.ca or calling 519-525-7352.

“Everyone experiences loss. It may be the death of a loved one. Maybe it was the death of a beloved pet, or a lost job, or
even a relationship that ended. When we experience loss, it is natural to grieve. We all grieve in different ways,” said Willy Van Klooster, Huron Hospice Executive Director. “Some accept the loss and grieve privately. Others sweep it under the carpet. However, when that happens, people could experience other long-term effects. Unresolved grief not only affects the person, it can also affect the whole family. Sometimes it is important to say, I need help,” Van Klooster added. “Each year we work with more than 80 people who need help learning how to manage their grief.”

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