bayfield residents invited to public meeting for update on secondary plan

Bayfield residents invited to public meeting for update on Secondary Plan

Bayfield and area residents are invited to attend a public meeting Saturday, November 26 for an update on the Secondary Plan for the village.

Planning Manager Denise Van Amersfoort says they had a great turnout for an open house at the Bayfield Library last Friday.

“We had approximately fifty people through over the course of the day. Lots of discussion, a lot of just general curiosity and overall the feedback was very positive. A range of perspective, certainly some issues to iron out. But it was wonderful to see people out and engaged,” Van Amersfoort said.

Van Amersfoort says Saturday’s presentation will be upstairs in the Bayfield Arena.

“It’ll be much more of a formal presentation by staff followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion and then there will be an opportunity for people to provide feedback, whether they’d like to do that online or if they’d like to do that in person. So hopefully we’ll, again, see a good turnout Saturday morning,” said Van Amersfoort.

The presentation on Saturday starts at 9:30 a.m.

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