kincardine welcomes new mayor to the council table
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Kincardine welcomes new mayor to the council table

The mayor-elect of Kincardine is ready to get to work. 

Kenneth Craig says it’s humbling to be chosen as mayor by such a supportive community, but he won’t be alone at the council table. 

“There are eight other very smart people sitting around that table and I am excited about the ideas that we’re going to conceive at the table. I believe that Kincardine is on the cusp of great progress,” said Craig. 

Craig says council’s mandate is to listen to the community, and he’s confident that those elected this term will honour that mandate. 

“I believe that accessibility to council will be increased and I think that when people come to council they will be in a safe space where they can bring forward ideas and concerns that they have knowing that council’s going to have the whole community’s best interest at heart,” said Craig. 

Craig says his first order of business will be to meet with different community stakeholders.

“The business community, the school community, and industries. We want to make sure that council has really good relations with all the stakeholders and all the partners that we will be working with in the next four years,” he added. 

Craig was elected mayor during the 2022 municipal election held on October 24, over challenger and current councillor Laura Haight.

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