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Canada announces new measures to support Ukraine

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced new measures Friday to show that Canada stands united against Russian aggression, while standing with Ukraine in support of freedom, democracy, and justice.

Trudeau said he wants to make sure the Ukrainian people have what they need to defend themselves.

Canada will soon offer government-backed Ukraine Sovereignty Bonds. Canadians would be able to purchase the  bonds at their local bank, and the funds will go to support the Ukrainian government, so they can support the Ukrainian people.

Canada is also imposing sanctions on 35 senior officials of energy entities, and six energy sector entities, involved in Russia’s invasion. Sanctions are also planned against members of the Russian justice and security sectors. Canada is also allocating funding to help Ukrainians prepare for the winter.

“This will help them provide shelter and distribute blankets, clothing, and heating appliances. We’re also moving forward with funding for demining efforts and the procurement of demining equipment,” said Trudeau. “As the Russian regime continues its unwarranted and unjustifiable aggression against Ukraine, we’ll continue to support the Ukrainian government and people.”

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