amdsb says remote learning remains available this school year
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AMDSB says remote learning remains available this school year

The superintendent of education for the Avon Maitland District School Board is reminding parents that remote learning is being offered again this year.

Jane Morris says, after the end of the school year last year, the Minister of Education stated that school boards would be required to offer remote learning this year.

“We are ready to lift off next week with a remote learning school,” Morris said. “The remote learning school in Avon Maitland has approximately 200 students from K to twelve.”

Morris added the split is pretty even between the elementary and secondary panels, with about 100 students in each. She says those students will be attending school virtually and their learning will be programmed by educators and staff members who are joining them online.

“We still have families who are uncomfortable with the state of COVID and are not feeling safe having their children come back to school and I think that’s the reason that the Ministry has required Boards to continue to offer this to families,” Morris said. 

Morris also pointed out there are about 15,000 students in the Avon Maitland system, so clearly the vast majority of them have chosen to return to the classroom and any of the 200 students who are learning remotely are free to change their mind at any point and return to the classroom.

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