fanshawe offering new project management course in midwestern ontario
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Fanshawe offering new Project Management course in Midwestern Ontario

Fanshawe College has announced a new Project Management Essential program that’s starting later this month in Midwestern Ontario.

College Student Engagement Specialist, Kim Reid, says the courses are offered live, in class, in Kincardine, or virtually.

“We do like our students to attend classes as they are happening, it just keeps our students engaged. Project Management, of course, is a program where you’re going to be working in teams, so attending classes while they’re happening is certainly more suitable for the program curriculum.”

Reid says students will also have the option of taking one course at a time or taking a night course and a day course at the same time.

She says another feature is that a couple of local communities are offering funding opportunities.

“So, in particular, the Township of Huron-Kinloss has a CE academic fund, so students in that region can apply for that. And then we also have another funding organization in the North Perth area that we can tap into.”

Reid also notes that Project Management is a great career choice right now, with over three thousand jobs in the field available in Ontario at this time. Anyone looking for more information can contact Kim Reid at and she will provide information about the program and about funding opportunities. Their evening course start on Monday, September 26th and the day time course starts on Tuesday, September 27th.

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