new deal announced for hanover police services
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New deal announced for Hanover Police Services

The Hanover Police Service is here to stay following the announcement of a new five-year agreement for officers.

The Hanover Police Services Board and the Hanover Police Association announcing the new deal for both uniformed and civilian members of the Hanover’s Police on Wednesday.

Negotiators say they are pleased that the agreement was reached several months prior to the conclusion of the existing agreement, avoiding the need for outside mediation.

The new deal includes some wording clarifications and minor changes related to benefits and working conditions, and also sets out terms for annual wage increases “based on percent increases provided by OMERS for its retired members.”

The Board says the signing of the agreement “is an indication of the cooperation and excellent working relationship between the Board and Association. Both parties are committed to providing efficient and effective community-based policing to residents and visitors of the Town of Hanover.”

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