west grey police lay charges in vin cloning
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West Grey Police lay charges in VIN cloning

Two people face charges after an investigation into what West Grey Police called Vehicle Identification Number cloning.

Police explain that VIN cloning typically happens when a stolen vehicle is involved.

In this case, the VIN number that was originally installed by the manufacturer is taken off the stolen vehicle and replaced with a different one that was “cloned” off another car.

The second VIN is a valid number from a vehicle that is of similar make and model to the stolen vehicle.

The purpose of cloning the VIN is to enable the stolen vehicle to be registered in another Province or Country.

The West Grey investigation started July 7 and as a result a 34-year old male from Paisley and a 30-year old female from West Grey face charges of Possession of Stolen Property over $5000 and Fraudulent Concealment.

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