love your great lakes
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Love Your Great Lakes

Love Your Greats is being celebrated on Saturday, August 13th.

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Healthy Watershed Technician, Hope Brock, says Love Your Greats Day was started in 2015,

It is a way of celebrating and protecting the Great Lakes and a way of encouraging people to think about what they can do.

“This could be things like planting trees or native plants, creating a rain garden, which collects and holds back storm water when we get a big rain event and this just slows it down and holds it and allows it to slowly seep into the ground,” explained Brock.

“It really doesn’t have to be a large action, it can be small things, like rain barrels. If you have a rain barrel at your home, your helping to hold back that water and then you have the benefit of then using that water to water your gardens.”

Brock says the ABCA is asking people to send in a description or a picture or video of their particular project on Love Your Greats Day to the ABCA Facebook or Twitter page and they could win a Lake Huron hoodie.

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