seven stratford and perth students launch summer businesses
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Seven Stratford and Perth students launch summer businesses

The Stratford Perth Centre for Business helped seven new student-run small businesses launch.

The Stratford and Perth students were assisted by the Summer Company program with mentorship and $21,000in provincial grants. The Summer Company program is funded by the Province of Ontario, and the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade.

Businesses range from painting, power washing, and property maintenance, to mobile care detailing and soy candle making.

Program graduates include:

Noah Rusen Steele, Clear Cut Paint: Noah is operating one of the fastest growing painting companies in Stratford. He has 2 full-time employees, and is working on hiring more to keep up with the demand. You can contact Noah and his team for a free estimate at or calling/texting to 519 301 3866.

Aaron Vernooy, Vernooy Agri-Services: Vernooy Agri-Services provides full-service power washing. They specialize in agricultural applications that require bio-secure washing services for hog, dairy and poultry farms, but also handle residential inquiries as well. You can contact Aaron for a quote at 519 801 6210. Call or text. You can also reach Aaron by email at

Kaleb Roth, RPM Roth Property Maintenance: Roth Property Maintenance serves the Listowel and district community for all their landscaping needs, including exterior window washing, lawn care, pressure washing and general garden maintenance. You can reach Kaleb via email at or via cell at 519 441 7513.

Ethan Weber, Home Check: Ethan will provide property checks for homeowners while away on vacation or work excursions. His services can include plant care, mail collection, newspaper collection, basement checks, plumbing checks, safeguarding locks and windows and return to home services like AC or heat and lights turned on. Ethan can be booked by contacting him at

Blythe Trudgeon, BT Detailing Stratford: BT Detailing Stratford is a mobile automotive car interior detailing and cleaning service. A number of car cleaning services will be offered and can be customized at a wide range of affordable prices. BT Detailing requires your driveway to have access to water and hydro and has many custom detailing options. You can book your next detail at: or text or call at (519) 801-6540.

Chloe Modaragamage, Chloe Candle Co.: Chloe is creating a line of soy candles that are eco-conscious and environmentally friendly. Made with organic materials, such as wood and cotton wicks, these trend-setting candles will add warmth to any space. You can contact Chloe to purchase her products via email at

Matthew Slater, SL4TES Entertainment: Matthew’s company will be reaching a global audience by providing original online entertainment using the world of Minecraft and the vehicle of YouTube to access the game and entertainment community. He will be hosting original content that provides entertainment, information and is educational to the youth gaming community. His content can be found via YouTube and his Discord channel. ( and Channels to launch new content on July 4, 2022.

“This year, we’ve seen an explosion of interest in the Summer Company program from students looking to spend their summer exploring entrepreneurship and learning how to handle running their own business in a time that will present multiple challenges for them to overcome. Our seven students have all begun the process of becoming their own boss and are navigating small business ownership like pros.” Holly Mortimer, Business Advisor

The Stratford Perth Centre for Business operates as a department of investStratford in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade.

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