kincardine pride parade returns after three year hiatus
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Kincardine Pride Parade returns after three year hiatus

Kincardine’s Pride Parade returned after a three year hiatus, with thousands in attendance at Saturday’s festivities.

President of Kincardine Pride, Fort Papalia, says there was an incredibly diverse turnout, which is what they were hoping to see.

“You cannot have one inclusive event without being inclusive to everyone. People know they can come here and be themselves, celebrate, and be valued.”

Papalia says one of their goals is for the children in Kincardine to never know of a time Pride wasn’t celebrated in the municipality.

“Now I can say the children of Kincardine will never know a time where every school [in town] did not put up a Pride flag and celebrate all their students and accept and value them for who they are.”

Member of Kincardine Pride, Lanny Irving, says it was overwhelming seeing so much community support.

“I almost cried, and I am not a crier!. It’s such a safe space here. We have trans human beings without their shirts on, we have trans human beings who are allowed to be themselves. It’s amazing, the turnout was so good. Thank you Kincardine, so much.”

Papalia adds Kincardine has one of the only Pride Parades in the region, and hopes to see other municipalities organize one for their communities in the future.

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