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Research team looking for Sasquatch witnesses around Owen Sound; Bruce Peninsula

A team from Trent University is looking for witnesses in the Owen Sound and Bruce Peninsula area, who have seen a sasquatch.

The Sasquatch Society was formed by a group of students who are now shooting a TV pilot in the area and are looking for witnesses to point them in the right direction.

Ryan Willis is the President of the Society says they chose Owen Sound with good reason.

“There were some pretty compelling witnesses in Owen Sound,” he said. “We’re gonna see what all the reports say and pick the one that’s most compelling.”

Willis says he’s never seen a sasquatch himself but has been fascinated by the stories since he was a young child.

The Sasquatch Society boasts 138 members and has their own website, sasquatchuniversity.com. They want anyone who has seen a sasquatch or even just signs of one to visit their site and get in touch.

“If someone finds tracks that’s very compelling to us,” said Willis. “There’s other things too, rock throwing and tree knocking…those are kind of big foot traits, things they’ve been documented doing.”

They will be including the Bruce Peninsula in their search so even witnesses outside the Owen Sound area are asked to reach out.

“It’s always pretty cool when some witnesses do hear about what we’re doing and they come forward, you see what’s going on sasquatch-wise.”

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