heat records set to fall across the region on tuesday
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Heat records set to fall across the region on Tuesday

Heat records could fall across Southwestern Ontario on Tuesday as the temperature climbs to its highest level in a few years.

Environment Canada predicts a high of 33 Celcius in London on Tuesday.

“In London, the record is 32.4 degrees Celcius,” said Meteorologist Steven Flisfeder. “Should be close.”

Wingham’s forecasted high is 31 and could also break the record for June 21 of 30.4 Celcius.

Windsor is where the thermometer might climb to 35 Celcius. The record in that city for June 21 is 34.4.

“All of these records are from 2012. That must have been a hot day that year,” added Flisfeder.

Windsor’s temperature has already beat the record set in 2012 once this year. Last Wednesday, it got up to 34.5. If the city hits its forecasted high today, Flisfeder said it would be the hottest day since 2020, when the temperature peaked at 34.8 Celcius.

Then, there’s the humidity.

The humidex ranges from 37 Celcius in Wingham to 43 in Windsor.

Flisfeder reminds the public there are heat warnings across Southwestern Ontario. He recommended drinking a lot of water, staying somewhere cool, watching for signs of heat-related illness, and keeping an eye on those vulnerable to the hot weather.

A break is on the way. Flisfeder said by Thursday, the humidity will move out of the region, although the heat will stick around.

“A couple of degrees above normal for this time of year, into the high 20s, but we should see a bit of a reprieve from that humidity so it won’t be feeling as sticky,” he said.

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