huron county summer reading program returns this summer
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Huron County summer reading program returns this summer

Huron County Library’s TD Summer Reading Club is back live this summer.

Gwyneth Pella is one of two Summer Literacy Coordinators for the program. She says the program is free and open to young readers between the ages of four and twelve.

“We do one-hour sessions throughout the week at all of the different branches for Huron County library and we read some stories with the kids, we run some crafts and some games with them and they get to come and hang out at the library. And then at the end of it, they can check out books to take home to further promote their reading at home as well.”

Pella says the program will introduce the library as both a source for information and pleasure by encouraging youth to use the library as a lifelong learning resource. She says it will also make it easier for kids to adjust to going back to school in September.

“Over the summer, if you kind of fall out of the habit, the stuff that you’ve learned through the school year, you’re building and building and building that, if you, kind of fall back on it and you don’t keep practicing, that can be difficult. So I’d say it’s a really important program to have and it’s a fun one too.”

The TD Summer Reading Club program starts at each of the 12 Huron County Library branches on Monday, July 4th and runs weekly until Friday, August 26th. Registration is now open and people can register by going to the Huron County Library web site and more information about the program can be found by going to

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