stratford and perth continue to see business growth
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Stratford and Perth continue to see business growth

The Stratford Economic Enterprise Development Corporation for the City of Stratford says sales of industrial land in the Wright Business Park totaled close to $1M.

The Corporation released their Review of 2021at their their Annual General Meeting in the Tom Patterson Theatre Thursday.

The meeting included a review of 2021 activities and reported financials by the Board of Directors.

They also reported that another 16 acres of industrial land sales are projected for 2022 of which total almost $2M.

Highlights from the 2021-2022 year reported that 129 small businesses started or expanded and created 125 jobs in Stratford, Perth County & St. Marys

Expansions of note included: Industrial Contracting Solutions (ICS), The Contract Framing Group, Buchanan & Hall, Magest Inc., GreenSeal Cannabis Co., Player Carpentry & Masonry (new to the Wright Business Park).

In March of 2021 Stratford’s new Crane West Business Park became available for sale with 23 acres of serviced industrial land over 4 lots – and all of which are sold or in reserve for pending sales. In addition, more than 23 small businesses expanded their buildings in 2021.

investStratford, the trademark for SEED Co, also manages the Stratford Perth Centre for Business, a provincially funded and municipally supported program dedicated to small business also provided essential learning to entrepreneurs and presented 26 workshops and events with over 656 participants enrolled.

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