stratford general hospital foundation launches fundraiser
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Stratford General Hospital Foundation launches fundraiser

The Stratford General Hospital Foundation is launching its In Our Hands campaign this Wednesday in a special ceremony in front of the hospital.

Executive Director, Andrea Page, says the special guest speaker for the event is astronaut and neurologist Dr. Roberta Bondar, who will bring her unique perspective on medicine, on team work and on touching lives beyond our own to the event. Page says they want to invite their friends, their donors and the public to the event. Page says it will take place at three o’clock Wednesday afternoon and it will be held in a large white tent in parking lot A.

Page says they’re investing in a number of major projects within the hospital, including the replacement of all of the beds in the hospital and they’re also investing in technology. She says they’ve just brought on a new 3-D mammography unit, new digital imaging. So basically they’re updating almost all of the equipment within the hospital.

Page says there will be a short welcome ceremony and a reception following that and it all starts at three o’clock on Wednesday afternoon in parking lot A at the Stratford General Hospital.

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