official list of candidates for the election

Official list of candidates for the election

The list of provincial candidates for the upcoming provincial election have been finalized across the province.

The deadline to file papers to run in the June 2 election was 2 p.m. Thursday.

Candidates for the ridings are listed at Elections Ontario in alphabetical order according to their last name.

The election is June 2nd.

Shelley Blackmore, Ontario Liberal Party
Bruce Eisen, Alliance
Laurie Hazzard, Ontario NDP
Gerrie Huenemoerder, Ontario Party
Matt Kennedy, New Blue
Ronald Stephens, Independent
Lisa Thompson, PC Party of Ontario
Matthew Van Ankum, Green Party of Ontario

Laura Bisuttie, Green Party of Ontario
Jo-Dee Burbach, NDP
Ashley Fox, Ontario Liberal Party
Bob Hosken, New Blue
Sandy William MacGregor, Ontario Party
Matthew Rae, PC Party of Ontario
Robby Smink, Freedom Party of Ontario

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound:
Rick Byers, PC Party of Ontario
Suzanne Coles, Ontario Party
Vince Grimaldi, New Blue
Karen Gventer, Ontario NDP
Selwyn J. Hicks, Ontario Liberal Party
Reima Kaikkonen, Independent
Joel Loughead, None of the Above Direct Democracy Party
Danielle Valiquette, Green Party of Ontario
Joseph Westover, Populist Ontario
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