huron county council releases annual report
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Huron County Council releases annual report

Huron County has released its annual report for 2021. The report provides a summary of the County’s priority projects as well as details on individual services areas.

Huron County Warden, Glen McNeil, says he believes it’s very important to always document their progress so they can measure that against their objectives and he believes this report highlights what the county has achieved in another year with the pandemic.

“Homelessness is our number one priority. We have engaged a dispersed model to address this. It’s a start and we need to do more. Expanding our broadband is a priority. We have started it and there will be future work done on this also.”

McNeil adds that decisions made at county council are made using a climate lens that’s important to this generation as well as future generations. 

“We are very proud and appreciative of all of our dedicated staff, who are not only passionate, however, very, very talented to carry out the priorities that Huron County council have established.”

The complete report can be found online
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